Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Was Broke and Now I'm Not!

Hee, hee. We both know (well all nine of us that read my last blog post), but we both know that you don't go from broke to un-broke in 9 days!
But still, we all know how this is gonna turn out in the end!

In the interim, let's go on. But first I want to share exactly does it mean to be broke. Simply that you run out of money before you run out of month. It doesn't matter if your monthly income is $10,000 or if it's 1,000. If you earn $10,000 and spend $10, are, or soon will be - broke. A mentor of significant wealth taught me (or told me) that lesson over ten years ago. Sometimes it takes awhile and experience to learn a lesson. But I digress, as I am want to do.

The huge contributing factor to being broke is to spend the whole dollar! Now what happens when you spend the whole dollar? You get the compound effect, but this time in reverse. Instead of compounding interest, you compound spending and eventually a lack of funds; which when compounded, results in debt. And if we extrapolate this understanding, we realize that the scenario of running out of money, before you run out of month would be avoided. Well Dandy Boy! How bout that! So what if we teach our children to never spend the whole dollar! If the candy bar cost 99 cents and he has a dollar, she doesn't have enough money to buy it; because he can't afford it. She needs more than a dollar to buy the candy bar, otherwise he would spend the whole dollar! (And yes I did just alternate pronouns!). Who has a niece, daughter, son, grandson, godchild that they can teach that lesson to?

And now - where we came in last week...being broke as a result of a cessation in our personal growth. Just as with our dwindling  economic status, it most often happens over a period of time and goes unnoticed until it's the glaring, jarring realization that I had last week. It's rarely sudden; though it would most likely be best if they were...if the repercussions of our impassivity or perfunctoriness (that's right, look it up!) came hurling at us like an out of control meteor!

But since that not being the case, I had unknowingly -meaning I hadn't paid any attention to or realized that I had not saved in the last 6 six years, I had not taken any classes to learn new things or to improve my skills in the past six months; nor had I read any books in the last 90 days (or listened to any instructional, informational CD's) that were available to me to change my life, or to help change my future, develop any skills I want, earn the kind of income I want, have all the treasures I want, all the equities I want, the relationships with family and friends that I want. So having realized the error of my ways, my resolve became to un-mess my mess! I just want to add an interesting footnote... that this realization happened immediately after I decided to return to work.

So together, as I am being held accountable (having received today an email from a friend wondering where my blog post was) and I am certain, wanting to know what measurable results I have made in the reasonable amount of time of  past 9 days...since my blog post that shared my resolve with the world (well 9 of you, and 3 of which who commented to me personally!)

My results - at the end of this month, February, one month earlier than I had anticipated being able to, I was able to save  money. :) I am more that halfway through one book and have begun work in a second, a Napoleon Hill 13 Course Personal Instruction book! :) And though I don't have the actual numbers, I listened to well over 4 hours of audio on Success Principles (a term I coined) and lessons from an expert in my career field.:)
And lastly, I attended 3 classes in a new (or extended) field of study and I am scheduled for 3 more before we are due to talk again on March 9th. Oh yeah, I also attended a day-long conference, related to, but also an extension of my field.

Life simply asks us to make measurable progress in reasonable time!


Monday, February 20, 2012


It’s still early in this new year and as such I am still putting various pieces of my plan for 2012 and beyond into play. Some of you may know that I just turned 50 this month; so as you can imagine, I really want get things together you might say. Well in doing so, I came upon a startling and jarring realization… that I have - MESSED UP! That’s right, I have - MESSED UP!

Well those of you who know me might be saying, “Whatta you mean Jaymes, you’re a good person. I don’t think you’ve messed up!” Well let’s take a look at where I am and what has been going on in my life. In the last six years, how much money have I saved and invested. The answer is Zero! In that area, I have - MESSED UP!

How many books have I read in the last 90 days. The answer is Zero! I call myself a reader and a life-long learner, but my answer is Zero! Wisdom of the world available, change my life, change my future, develop any skill I want, earn the kind of income I want, have all the treasures I want, all the equities I want, the relationships with family and friends that I want, and the wisdom of the world to get it, yet I haven’t read any books in the last 90 days! I have – MESSED UP!

In the last six months, how many classes have I taken to improve my skills or to develop new ones…to go for the dream, to become healthy, wealthy, powerful and influential. My answer is Zero! I have - MESSED UP!

Here is my life-changing lesson - I didn’t need to un-mess the country. I didn’t need to straighten out the perplexed. I didn’t need to do any of that stuff. All I needed to do was look within and let results teach me a great deal about my own activity, my own attitude and my own philosophy. I only need to make progress, to have results.  Life simply asks us to make measurable progress in reasonable time!

Well what does that mean? A perfect analogy that Jim Rohn once used was to ask the question - How many years would you expect your child to remain in the fourth grade – approximately? One, right. And if you discover that he or she is behind on that schedule then you will probably take action including applying legitimate pressure to help move them along. And how will you know that your child is behind on their time table of one year? You check their progress…through parent-teacher meetings, report cards, homework assignments and the like.

Just the same, to know if we are making measurable progress in reasonable time, we have to check. Some things we have to check fairly often, perhaps every day, some things we have to check at least by the end of the week. Doing so regularly gives you your results; giving you an indication that you can celebrate progress (your results) or that it’s time to fix what needs to be fixed in your philosophy, attitude, and activity -called discipline. That’s where the lesson in life-change comes in.

Now, I will share with you that just about two weeks ago, I began reading a new book. Also later this week I am scheduled to begin taking classes that will broaden my skill set. And in my budget for next month, there is an allowance for savings. So if I strrreeeeccchhhtttt the truth, I could have made pretend that my activities had been different; but then my results would have given me up!

Besides, what I need is to face my truth. It says in ancient text, that the truth will set you free…free to amend your errors and pick up new disciplines. My first truth is that I am broke…(when you read  it, don’t cut it off; elongate it…I am brokkkeee!) Wait, that’s not the whole truth…I am 50 and broke! But there’s more…I live in America, I’m healthy, I’m intelligent, I’m creative, I’m talented, I have all my faculties and I’m 50 and broke! Somewhere, something went wrong. I MESSED UP!

So the only intelligent thing to do would be to fix what I have messed up. Now I am obviously doing this in a public forum. The reasons are that I have tried my hand at success over the years without any real accountability; and least I be insane, attempting the same thing over and over again, I now invite in as much accountability as my influence allows. The second reason that I have chosen to make this journey public is so that I may invite all who want to, to join me.

So whether you are encouraging me by holding me accountable or you are joining me on this journey, if next week comes and you don’t hear from me, I hope to hear from you.